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Free Samples, Loops & Synths

I’m sure many already know this, but I’ll be assembling a page dedicated to sites that offer free samples, synth patches & plug ins.

The first of which is LOOPERMAN. Definitely check out the DJ Snake page for loops. Note that many of these samples are for writing and construction use so make sure you are aware of that.



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Infinite Music Blog - Freebies Reposts

Arcade Tech Preview Plug-ins

Experience the ARCADE 3D audio codec on your computer!

Courtesy of
We are very pleased to announce the update of
Tech Preview DAW plugins to version 2.0.0, with improved encoding and binaural rendering quality. Consisting of three VST/AAX plugins for macOS, the ARCADE Tech Preview suite is still available for free!

What’s new in 2.0.0?

  • Previously missing low frequencies are now handled by the codec
  • Encoded stereo stream: more balanced diffuseness
  • Decoded stream: deeper and more balanced diffuseness
  • Binaural rendering HRTF database updated
  • Binaural rendering spatial resolution improved
  • Binaural rendering hemispherical mode added

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Eventide EQuivocate

Eventide EQuivocate Graphic EQ Plug-in!

Get it Free thru October 31, 2017

Excerpt taken from

Perfect for mixing and mastering, Eventide EQuivocate’s auditory filters and match EQ functionality make it incredibly powerful, simple to use, and natural sounding. EQuivocate uses filters which are modeled on the human ear. Each of the 26 critical bands tickles a different part of your inner ear, making any combination of settings sound as natural as possible. Combining this with a linear-phase filter shape that reduces pre-echo makes EQuivocate an EQ with a difference you can hear.

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Infinite Music - Songwriting's Social Impact

Songwriting’s Social Impact

by Belinda Huang courtesy of SonicBids

Here is a great article on the Songwriting’s Social Impact on our culture. The entire article can be found here.

As musicians, we are carriers of influence, whether or not we are aware of it and whether or not we intend to be. The sound and messages we release through our art form directly impact our listeners in powerful ways. This is especially true of the youth and adolescents of our society, who are still extremely malleable to the world around them. I remember sitting in the car with my two little cousins, ages five and eight, when “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk came on the radio. They both started singing every word at the top of their lungs. And when Katy Perry sang during the Super Bowl halftime show, the kids at the party sang nearly every lyric verbatim, putting me to shame because I didn’t know all the lyrics, and I’m aspiring to be a pop artist. It began to shock me just how acutely youth are being impacted by the music they listened to, and how much attention they’re paying to the music being played around them.


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Infinite Music Blog Post - Roland D-05 / D-50 Mini

Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer – Miniaturization of a Classic!

New Roland Boutique module recreates the renowned D-50 Linear Synthesizer from the 1980s

The sound of the Roland D-50 was a staple of the late 1980s, famously appearing in the intro to Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’ as well as a large portion of Jean Michel-Jarre’s Revolutions album and was used by Enya, Eric Clapton, Vangelis and more. The Roland D-05 is a miniaturized version of the classic! Released 30 years ago, it was very much a competitor to the iconic Yamaha DX7, and now Roland have announced that they’re bringing it back with their miniature Boutique format. The D-05 Linear Synthesizer is a compact reproduction of Roland’s D-50 Linear Synthesizer, the company’s very first all-digital synthesizer. The module makes use of Roland’s brand new Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB) technology — as opposed to the company’s much-used Analogue Circuit Behaviour (ACB) — for its sound generator. It also uses the exact PCM attack and loop samples that were so vital to the D-50 sound.

Th original D-50 was powered by the revolutionary Linear Arithmetic (LA) Synthesis engine, the instrument’s unique mix of sampled attacks and synthesized sustaining waveforms — plus built-in chorus, reverb/delay, and EQ for studio-quality polish — made it a must-have synth for musicians around the world.

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