Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer – Miniaturization of a Classic!

New Roland Boutique module recreates the renowned D-50 Linear Synthesizer from the 1980s

The sound of the Roland D-50 was a staple of the late 1980s, famously appearing in the intro to Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’ as well as a large portion of Jean Michel-Jarre’s Revolutions album and was used by Enya, Eric Clapton, Vangelis and more. The Roland D-05 is a miniaturized version of the classic! Released 30 years ago, it was very much a competitor to the iconic Yamaha DX7, and now Roland have announced that they’re bringing it back with their miniature Boutique format. The D-05 Linear Synthesizer is a compact reproduction of Roland’s D-50 Linear Synthesizer, the company’s very first all-digital synthesizer. The module makes use of Roland’s brand new Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB) technology — as opposed to the company’s much-used Analogue Circuit Behaviour (ACB) — for its sound generator. It also uses the exact PCM attack and loop samples that were so vital to the D-50 sound.

Th original D-50 was powered by the revolutionary Linear Arithmetic (LA) Synthesis engine, the instrument’s unique mix of sampled attacks and synthesized sustaining waveforms — plus built-in chorus, reverb/delay, and EQ for studio-quality polish — made it a must-have synth for musicians around the world.

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